Dog Weight Vests

Dogs are indeed our best friends, being characterized by their loyalty and the unconditioned love that they offer to their owners. But dogs can reach their full potential only through proper training. Of course, you need the right gear to train your dog, build his muscles, and burn his energy. Next, we will show you which are the best weight vests for dogs for you to be sure that you are using quality equipment when building the dog’s muscle mass.

Top 10 Dog Weight Vests Comparison

Photo Model Weight Chambers/Pockets Reflective Accents Fit Helps Calm the Pet Water Bottle Holder Price
1. Dogtread K9 FITvest Yes Yes Universal Yes No
2. Outward Hound Kyjen 2494 Yes Yes Universal Yes Yes
3. Outward Hound Kyjen 22003 DayPak 4 Yes Universal Yes Yes
4. Kurgo Wander Yes Yes Universal Yes No
5. OneTigris Cotton Canvas 2 No Medium to large dogs Yes Yes
6. Outward Hound Kyjen 22011 2 Yes Universal Yes Yes
7. Kurgo Baxter Yes Yes Dogs that weigh from 30 to 85 lbs Yes Yes
8. OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest 3 No Universal Yes Yes
9. Lifeunion 2 No Medium size fits dogs that weigh from 37.5 to 55 lbs Yes Yes
10. Bluestar Saddle Bag Yes No M size fits medium to large-sized dogs Yes Yes

Weight Vests for Dogs Reviews

Dogtread K9 FITvest

If you truly want to purchase the best weight vest for dogs, you have to invest in the K9 FITvest. It has 4 functionalities, including strength building, calming assurance, overheating prevention, and safety. The innovative shape that it boasts offers a wide range of exercises that can be performed by the dog while wearing it. It is body conforming, so there are no restrictions in movement while wearing it. The reflective material that it features increases visibility in dim light, ensuring the safety of your dog. The design is gravity enhanced in order to boost calorie burn. Also, it features integrated chambers in which you can place weights.

Boosted calorie burn provided by its gravity enhanced design
Can be worn during all types of exercises
Fulfills 4 functionalities – calming assurance, safety, protection against overheating, and strength training

Outward Hound Kyjen 2494

Without a doubt, the Kyjen 2494 is one of the best models on the market. It is not only a functional choice to go with, but a stylish one as well. It is ideal for training sessions, hiking adventures, and long walks. The reflective accents and bright colors of this dog backpack ensure complete safety during nighttime. It features large pockets with wide openings and zipper closures, which makes the backpack perfect for carrying weights or different items. In addition, it includes interior mesh pockets and an elastic water bottle holder for increased functionality.

Features a convenient elastic water bottle holder
Zipper closures make it easy to put the vest on the dog and take it off
Wide pocket openings so that you slide the weights in easily

Outward Hound Kyjen 22003 DayPak

The Kyjen 22003 DayPak is a fan favorite not only for the incredibly low price but for its superior quality as well. Your dog will feel extremely comfortable while wearing it due to the breathable mesh harness of the backpack. The 4 expandable pockets offer increased storage capabilities. It is great for training, quick errands, and mountainside adventures. It features a useful D-ring clip onto which you can attach the leash. Also, it features vibrant colors that enhance visibility, ensuring safety when the darkness settles.

Breathable mesh ensures the pet won’t feel hot when wearing it
Comes with a D-ring clip to which you can attach the leash
One of the cheapest vests for dog training on the market right now

Kurgo Wander

The Wander is perfect for dogs that take hikes and long trips with their owners. When it is empty, this dog backpack weighs 12.8 ounces. It is ideal for dogs that weigh between 30 and 85 pounds. It is comfortable to wear by the dog due to its ergonomic design, perfectly contouring to the dog’s back. The polyester with PU coating of the backpack makes it resistant to rugged outdoor conditions. In addition, it features 4 reflective trim strips that increase safety.

Resistant to harsh outdoor conditions due to polyester with PU coating
When empty, it weighs only 12.8 ounces
Ergonomic design ensures increased comfort during wear

OneTigris Cotton Canvas

The Cotton Canvas boasts a vintage design that makes your dog look more fashionable than ever. The cotton canvas material of this backpack makes it comfortable to wear, and it won’t hurt the dog’s fur either. It can fit medium to large sized dogs. The adjustable chest strap can be set between 26.5 inches and 40.5 inches. It features 2 main zipper pockets on each side and a pouch. Here you can store various items that the dog will carry.

Comfortable cotton canvas material
Adjustable chest strap ensures a proper fit
Vintage design makes it a fashionable choice

Outward Hound Kyjen 22011

The Kyjen 22011 is the ideal choice for dog owners who are looking for a stylish backpack. It includes a lightweight vest that features 2 mesh pockets. Also, it features a D-ring leash clip. The reflective accents enhance visibility, which comes in handy when the darkness settles, ensuring the safety of your dog. Also, the load that you want the dog to carry around can be stored in the detachable saddlebag compartments.

Features a useful D-ring clip mesh
Saddlebag compartments can be detached and reattached whenever you want
Stylish design

Kurgo Baxter

The Baxter is characterized by its lightweight body and the unique adjustable construction that makes it a great fit for most dogs. It is perfect for dogs that weigh between 30 pounds and 85 pounds. The rear mounted leash hook that it features gives you more control over the dog. It features 2 saddle bags that offer more room for storing essentials. It is extremely comfortable to wear by the dog due to its ergonomic design that offers superior spine support. Also, it features 4 reflective trim strips that provide increased safety at night.

Features a rear mounted leash hook
Adjustable design ensures a proper fit on the pet’s body
Ergonomic design for comfort and proper spine support

OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest

The Molle Vest comes with 3 detachable pouches in which you can place different items for the dog to carry them. Of course, weights can be added for the dog to get a great workout. This vest measures 13.8 inches in width, and 16.1 inches in length. It features nylon webbing that can be adjusted for wearing stability. The mesh in the interior of this vest makes it comfortable to wear. Also, it ensures that the dog won’t feel too warm when wearing it.

Adjustable design guarantees it will fit the body of your dog perfectly
Nylon webbing is comfortable and breathable
Interior mesh ensures comfort without making the dog feel hot


The Lifeunion waterproof nylon dog vest with pockets is specifically designed to be lightweight, tear resistant, and perfect for use in any type of weather. It comes in army green and red. The M size weighs only 13.4 ounces, it fits dogs that weigh between 37.5 pounds and 55 pounds, and it measures 13 inches in back length, 21.6 inches to 27.6 inches around the chest, and 19.7 inches to 23.6 inches around the neck. The vintage design makes it very fashionable. For functionality, it features 2 main zipper side pockets on each side and a pouch in which you can store items.

Waterproof nylon material makes it perfect for all outdoor conditions
Very fashionable accessory due to its vintage design
Comes in two color options – red and army green

Bluestar Saddle Bag

The Bluestar Saddle is made with sturdy and tough oxford cloth material, which makes it a long lasting investment. In addition, the material is breathable and carefully stitched, which makes this dog backpack comfortable to wear for your dog. Also, the vintage camouflage style that it boasts will give your dog a fashionable look. The M size version measures between 17.3 inches and 22 inches around the neck, 12.2 inches in the back, and between 23.6 inches and 31.4 inches around the chest. The large pockets of the backpack feature wide openings and zipper closures, ensuring that you will be able to fit large items in them easily. Also, it features 2 external stash pockets in which you can store essentials when you go on trips or hikes with your dog.

Boasts a stylish vintage camouflage style
Oxford cloth is sturdy and tough to ensure the vest’s durability
Comes at a cheap price

What You Should Know About Dog Vests

As a dog owner, there is nothing that you would not do to see your beloved pet healthy and happy. Although at first glance making the animal wear a weighted vest might seem like a cruel thing to do, the wide range of benefits that the equipment offers makes it mandatory for the well-being of the pet. No matter if you have a dog that is anxious, hyperactive, or that has put on some weight, it will greatly benefit from using this training equipment.

These vests can either come in the form of backpacks, vests with zippered pockets or pouches, or weighted harnesses. What makes these products so successful is the fact that they can be customized, allowing you to add or subtract the weight as you see fit, this way ensuring that you will find the perfect weight at which the pet will feel comfortable.

Of course, they are designed to be used by all dog breeds, so even if you have a small or a big dog, you will be able to find the right model for your pet. Generally, you will find vests for dogs that have the chest size ranging from 28 inches to 44 inches.

Is It Dangerous for the Dog?

Dog owners are concerned that putting weight vests on their pets could be the cause of several health problems due to exertion. For situations like these to be avoided, the weighted vest must be carefully chosen for each dog and the owner must be aware of the changes in the animal’s health condition. The weight of the vest should not overburden the dog as this will not lead to an intense workout, on the contrary, it could over-request the animal’s body and put it in a high danger. If the weight is carefully chosen and it is not too heavy for the dog to carry it, there should be no health risks and the pet should benefit from a proper training.

Moreover, the age of the pet is also important as old dogs should not be forced to carry additional weights. With age, the animal’s body becomes weaker, its joints and bones are more fragile, and it is no longer able to walk and train with the same velocity. As such, weight vests should not be placed on senior dogs that are prone to fractures. If your pet is used to wearing the vest, you can keep it in shape even after growing old by reducing the weight using adjustable vests with removable weights.

How to Properly Use It

To make sure that you won’t harm your beloved pet by introducing a canine weight vest, it is essential for you as a dog owner to know how to use it. This is the reason why we did the proper research and found out everything there is to know about the proper use of these vests, thus being able to explain in detail what you must and must not do.

First of all, it must be gradually introduced. Otherwise, you put too much pressure on the animal and you harm it. Do not expect the pet to take kindly to this addition at first because this rarely happens. What you should do to get your pet accustomed to the vest is to put it on the animal without adding any weight at first. After 10-15 minutes, you can add the smallest weight and start the normal workout routine of the dog. Once every couple of weeks, introduce more weights in the vest in a gradual manner. This way, you allow the animal enough time to get accustomed to both the added weight and the sensation of having to carry it.

What you must always check is for the pack to be balanced, centering the material over the shoulders of the animal. If you do not do this, the vest will become a source of discomfort for your dear pet. Therefore, the animal won’t be able to walk or run while wearing the vest without feeling uncomfortable or even harming itself.

How It Will Help Improve the Dog’s Health

These days, not only people can wear weighted clothing but dogs as well. There are some wonderful items called weight vests that can have a positive impact on your pet’s health and life as well. For further information regarding this type of products, take a look at the following benefits of dog weight vests.

  • A dog prone to anxiety will be calm

    Believe it or not, animals can definitely be prone to anxiety as well. Therefore, if your pet is in this type of a situation, then it is highly recommended that you get it a weight vest. It will help him calm down and feel less nervous as well. Furthermore, the extra weight will also make the pet more tired, which means that sleep will be deeper and more restful as well.

  • Aggressive quadrupeds will burn more energy and they will focus very well

    In case you have an aggressive pet, then you should definitely go for this wonderful solution. Keep in mind that if your pet is very energetic, this can also make him quite aggressive. In order to avoid situations like these, go for a weight vest. This item will help dogs with any sort of behavior issues they might have. They will easily and quickly calm down, which is exactly the result you need to obtain.

  • Exercise will considerably increase

    Dogs that are extremely active must definitely wear a weight vest. By doing so, they will be able to burn off some of the extra energy, while they are actually running around the backyard. Therefore, if you do not have enough time to take your pet for a very long walk, then make sure he wears a weight vest, so that he can consume his energy in the backyard as well.

  • The pet will lose weight and build muscle mass

    If you think your pet deals with overweight, then you definitely need to find a solution to help him burn fat easily and quickly as well. Moreover, this needs to be a very safe solution as well, that will not affect his health at all. Therefore, get a weight vest and put it on him each time you take him for a walk. The extra weight will certainly help your pet burn fat and build muscle mass instead. He will probably find quite hard to move with a vest like this at the beginning, but he will soon start to use it.

Things to Consider When You Go Shopping

It is important to know what are the benefits of using an item like this so that you know exactly if your dog needs one or not. Furthermore, it is even more important to know all the details about the vest, before you actually purchase it. This information will definitely help you choose the right model for your pet.

  • The age of the dog
  • Keep in mind that quadrupeds under two years old are actually still growing and the extra weight might affect their growth by adding too much stress. On the other hand, if your dog is already an adult, then it is highly recommended to go for a weight vest, but only for one that does not have more than 10 to 20% of your pet’s weight.

  • Size
  • The size is another important aspect that matters a lot when it comes to these products. It is essential to get one that can easily and quickly be adjusted to your dog’s size and weight as well. You can measure your pet by using a tape. The vest should not only fit your pet, but it also needs to be very comfortable, so that he can walk and run as well, without any sort of problems.

  • Padding
  • A high-quality vest will definitely be made of padded material so that it can provide a maximum comfort for your dog. Furthermore, padding will also help your quadruped feel safe during exercise. A good padding will wrap around much of your pet’s torso while actually sustaining enough weight for a maximum therapeutic and physical impact. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go for those products that have padding around the small weights that are lined on the vests.

  • Pockets
  • The best vests you can get for your beloved pet are those ones that feature multiple areas for adding and removing weight. These pockets are usually distributed along the sides, bottom and top of the vest. This actually means that the weight is distributed evenly so that your quadruped can feel comfortable at all times, and also not have health problems. Furthermore, a more soothing effect is also provided.

  • The weight of the vest
  • You are probably wondering how do you know exactly what weights you should add to your dog. In order to make sure you will not do anything wrong, you need to start with weights that actually equal 10-20% of your dog’s total body weight. Excess weight can cause spinal curvature problems. However, you can increase the weight gradually, without causing health problems as the pet grows in size, stamina, and strength as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Does wearing the vest help aggressive dogs calm down?
When you put the vest on an aggressive dog, it offers the animal a positive and productive point of focus. Behavioral issues will slowly disappear, and the dog will stop feeling anxious. As the pet calms down, it won’t be prone to biting or barking aggressively anymore.
?How young can the dog be when first wearing the vest?
What is best for you to do is to contact the dog’s veterinarian to check and see if the animal is at the right age to wear the vest. Obviously, if the puppy is too young – under 6 months – you cannot make it wear the vest as the animal’s bones and muscles have not fully grown and passed their rapid growth period yet.
?Is the vest a solution for calming overactive dogs?
Overactive dogs need to be calmed down as their agitated state could endanger them or others. Putting a weighted vest on an overactive dog makes it more difficult for the animal to sprint and it tires the pet faster, thus leading to a more calm nature as time passes. Your pet will get accustomed to acting differently, and after a while, there won’t be any issues with the pet at all.
?If the dog breathes heavily when wearing the vest, is it an indicator to take it off?
If your pet starts to breathe too intense and heavy, it indicates that the added weight delivered by wearing the vest has strained the animal. When you notice this heavy and abnormal breathing, take the wearable off your dog and bring the pet water to drink.
?Does the dog suffer any physical pain when wearing the vest?
As long as you do not overdo it when it comes to the vest’s weight and you make sure that it is medically alright for your pet to wear the vest, no actual pain will be felt by the animal. This only occurs when the vest is too heavy or if the animal has suffered back or paw injuries that create the feeling of pain or discomfort.


  1. George says:

    Hello. I was wondering if these vest can cause any sort of pain to the dog?

    • Kirk Roberts says:

      No, these weight vests will not cause any sort of pain to the dog. However, excess weight can lead to spinal curvature problems. For avoiding any unpleasant situation, your quadruped must not wear a vest heavier than 20% of the body weight.

  2. John says:

    Hi. I would like to know exactly if these items are good for aggressive dogs? Are they going to become calmer?

    • Kirk Roberts says:

      The answer to your question is definitely yes. Weight vests are actually highly recommended for aggressive dogs, as they will help them burn more energy, and therefore become calmer and more tired.

  3. David says:

    Hello. At what age can a dog wear a weight vest without having any sort of health problems?

    • Kirk Roberts says:

      A dog that is under 2-year old should not wear a weight vest due to the fact that it can affect his health and also add too much stress. After two years of life you can buy a weight vest to your quadruped, but you should gradually add the weights. The Outward Hound Kyjen 2494 dog backpack is one of the best products of this type as it features different pockets for carrying weights in different sizes.

  4. Pauline says:

    My German Sheppard loves the Outward Hound Kyjen 22003 DayPak. He just adores the backpack now and won’t leave home without it. Of course, it was tricky at first to get him used to the backpack, but we had patience and now it’s all better. He feels and looks great, and we’re happy with the investment that we made.

  5. Laurence says:

    The Kurgo Wander is a great investment to make. My dog loves it and he’s now more active than ever. Also, the backpack came in handy as I transported a small part of my things with its help when we went camping.

  6. Jamie says:

    Do you recommend the Dogtread K9 FITvest if I have a Yorkshire Terrier?