Training with weighted clothing can bring you more workout benefits and can help you increase your endurance as you will strain your body to carry more weight than your own body weight. The efficiency of a weight vest lays in its design and the weight balance that ensure safety in use and a great performance. The following weight vests are our top choices when it comes to efficiency and can become your best workout companions.

Top 10 Weighted Vests Comparison

Photo Vest Size Added Resistance Material Reflective Safety Strips MP3/Phone Pocket Price
1. CAP Barbell One size fits all 20 pounds Neoprene padding Yes Yes
2. Titin Force Weighted Shirt System 6 sizes 8 pounds Moisture wicking material No No
3. Perfect Fitness One size fits all 20 pounds Velcro band, padded shoulders, breathable shell Yes Yes
4. Maxi Sport One size fits all 12 pounds Stretchy neoprene No No
5. ZFOsports One size fits all 40 pounds Velcro straps No No
6. MIR One size fits all 90 pounds N/A No No
7. Tone Fitness One size fits all 12 pounds Neoprene Yes Yes
8. SKLZ One size fits all 20.5 pounds Nylon and mesh No No
9. Pure Fitness One size fits all 40 pounds N/A Yes No
10. Titan Fitness One size fits all 50 pounds Velcro strap No No

Weight Vests Reviews

CAP Barbell

This adjustable vest is suitable for many body sizes thanks to the adjustable clips that enable you to mold it to your body type. The steel-shot weight packets add 20 pounds to your body weight so you will increase your resistance and manage to burn more calories during your workouts. It is very comfortable due to the neoprene padding and the wide strips that do not cause pain in wearing it. Both men and women can enjoy this quality item during many exercises like rowing, running, weightlifting, or even aerobics.

Due to the adjustable clips, you can mold it to your body perfectly
Neoprene padding on strips ensures there will be no pain involved while wearing the vest
Perfect for a wide3 range of sports – running, aerobics, weightlifting ,and so on
You can adjust the amount of resistance to suit your fitness level
Designed to be used by both men and women

Titin Force Weighted Shirt System

This is a complex weighted system designed for those who take their workout seriously and really want to add more resistance to their exercises. Unlike other weighted clothing that have steel weight packages, this one contains gel that stays in the right place to ensure proper balance and compression. The gel can be heated or frozen and stays like this for around 45 minutes while being flexible and durable at the same time. A great thing about the Titin is that it can help you relieve sore muscles due to the heat and cold feeling it offers to your body. You can wear it during the most strenuous workouts and it will stay dry and clean due to the moisture wicking material it is made of that can absorb sweat and odors. Being designed for both men and women, it comes in 9 color combinations and 6 different sizes.

Material used ensures sweat and odor absorbtion
Can be worn by men, as well as women
Helps relieve sore muscles post-workout session
Uses gel instead of steel weight packages
9 different color options to choose between

Perfect Fitness

Designed for extremely hard workouts as well as for light exercises, it is the perfect addition for both men and women as it provides a tight fit and can be molded to the body due to the Velcro dual belly band. The body armor slim design ensures full mobility and comfort during your workout and although the weights add 20 pounds to your body weight, you will enjoy flexibility as they follow your body movements. The breathable shell with padded shoulders guarantee your body will breath during exercising so you will not sweat and retain bad odors. The vest is designed for outdoor use as well thanks to the high-visibility reflective materials. Enjoy listening to music while you exercise with the included media player pocket.

Velcro dual belly band ensures it will mold perfectly to your body
Designed to ensure full mobility during exercise
Breathable shell guarantees you won’t sweat all that much when working out
Can be worn by both genders
Rather reasonably priced

Maxi Sport

This weight vest was designed for those who want to add less resistance to their workouts as it only weighs 12 pounds. It is filled with iron sand that is flexible and comfortable, making this vest perfect even for daily activities. Perfect for cardio and weight loss exercises, it boasts a unique X-shape which is very comfortable for any body type. The front strap is adjustable and the weight is evenly distributed to the front and back of the vest to ensure safe and effective usage. The stretchy neoprene fabric is easy to clean and guarantees you will not sweat and smell bad while exercising.

X-shape makes it comfortable to wear by people of all sizes
Designed to be worn by men and women
Easy to clean and doesn’t pick up bad smells as it is made with breathable materials
Evenly distributed weight ensures safe use
Can be worn throughout the entire day without consequences


For the heavyweight lifters, this is the perfect vest that adds an astounding 40 pounds to the resistance. However, a great design hack is the fact that you can add or remove some of the weight in order to adapt it to your needs and powers. The total weight is adjustable in 2.5 pound increments so it will be suitable for a wide range of users. The size is also adjustable due to the Velcro straps on the shoulders and sides, something you do not see in many vests that only offer size adjustments.

Weight can be adjusted in 2.5-pound increments
Designed to adapt to your body size and shape
40-pound maximum resistance makes it ideal for heavyweight lifting
Easy to clean
Reasonably priced


When you think about versatility in a weight vest, this one comes to your mind because it is very easy to adapt it to many users first of all due to the adjustable design and second of all due to the adjustable weight. It varies in weight from 20 lbs to 90 lbs in 3-pound increments, meaning you can adapt the weight according to your physical strength and the type of exercise you perform. The weights are distributed at the top body front and back and can be easily added or removed, the prices differing depending on the total weight you choose.

Resistance can be adjusted in 3-pound increments
Adjustable design makes it a universal fit
Weight is distributed so that your back won’t be hurt
Breathable material ensures you won’t sweat all that much
Affordable option

Tone Fitness

This is a smaller version of a vest designed for women or for those who only want to add a little resistance to their running. Its weighs only 12 pounds and it is extremely comfortable due to the neoprene material and the evenly distributed weight. It comes in a sleek slim design with an adjustable strap at the front and a useful pocket for your phone or mp3 player. It is perfect for night walking because it has reflective stripes that keep you safe on the road.

Mainly designed to be used by women, but it can be worn by men as well
Small resistance makes it perfect for running
Adjustable front strap allows you to mold it to your body
Comes at a cheap price
Easy to put on, take off, and clean


Another great choice for those who want to control the amount of weight they carry during their exercises is this adjustable vest whose weights can be easily added or removed. The stretch pockets which hold the weights ensure a quick add or removal while the wide Velcro belt makes the vest perfect for many body types. It comes with 20 0.5-lbs weights so the total weight reached is 10 lbs and the comfort is ensured by the nylon and mesh design that guarantees breathability during intense effort.

Wide Velcro belt makes it ideal for all body sizes
Adjsutable resistance allows you to customize the workout session as you like
Materials ensure breathability
Comfortable to wear even during intense effort
Reasonable asking price

Pure Fitness

The fully adjustable design makes this vest appropriate for men and women of different weights and heights, so one size will fit all. It is very flexible so it can be worn while jogging, performing push-ups, crunches, squats, and many more. The sand-filled weights can be removed in order to adjust the weight between 20 and 40 lbs. The soft material of the vest makes it very easy to wear and thanks to the reflective trim, you can even wear it at night.

Perfect for cardio exercises
Soft material ensures comfort in use
Can be worn by both genders
Easy to clean
Adjustable resistance – you can customize it to your preference

Titan Fitness

You can wear it during many types of fitness activities and sports particularly due to its smart design that lets you control the weight added. There are 30 solid cast steel weights that weigh 1 lb or 2 lbs and you can add them until you reach a total of 50 lbs. The durable material is designed to last during the most intense workouts and the waist Velcro strap makes sure the vest will fit your body.

Long-lasting investment due to durable material used in its manufacturing
Waist Velcro strap ensures it will fit your body perfectly
You can customize the level of resistance it opposes
Can be used by men, as well as women
Affordable acquisition

Why You Should Wear It While Training

Weightlifters are familiar with these vests and there are many reasons why they like wearing them during their workouts. The added weight brings more than one benefits to the workout sessions, as you are about to discover. If you have not tried wearing one before, now is the time to start wearing it and enjoy all of its benefits.

To increase your fitness level

Without a doubt, wearing a weight vest can help you surpass your limits and get to the next fitness level. If you were used to a certain level of intensity, making this change in your workout can help you become more active and extend your fitness abilities. You can dare to try new exercises and achieve higher fitness goals.

To improve endurance and strength

Working out regularly results in increasing your physical strength but wearing weight vests can significantly maximize your efforts. You can become stronger and push your limits by adding some extra weight that your body will have to handle. Strength and resistance training become more challenging and the results obtained are more satisfying.

To enjoy cardiovascular benefits

There are many types of cardio exercises that improve your health condition and accelerate your heart rate. Wearing the vest while performing those exercises maximizes their cardiovascular benefits, improves blood circulation, sends more oxygen to the organs and increases the release of energy into your body. This results in stronger heart muscles and an improved overall health.

To add diversity to your workouts

It would be boring to perform the same exercise over and over again in order to achieve the desired results, so the weight vest might become fun and add a touch of diversity to your workouts. You can wear it while lifting weights, running, or doing some push-ups. The results will be more visible faster and you will be able to integrate more exercises into your fitness routine.

To build more muscle mass

If you ask a fitness enthusiast why they exercise, the answer will be for building more muscle mass, which is one of the main reasons why they add a vest to their workouts. With every exercise, your body creates more muscles and as you force it to carry more weight, more muscle mass is built so your body will easily deal with the added weight.

To strengthen your bones

The impact on your bones during your workouts encourages your body to develop bone mass that makes your bones more durable and stronger. The increased strain experienced while wearing it has a bigger effect on your bones and helps create even more bone cells which results in even stronger and denser bones. No wonder bodybuilders have no problem carrying so much weight.

Types of Vests

Although you might find it hard to believe after looking at these products, weighted vests actually come in a number of different types. They are categorized based on the different traits they boast, the four main vests you will encounter including fixed, removable weight, male, and female. In the following, we will list some of their main characteristics to underline what differentiates the four types from each other.

  • Fixed: With fixed vests, the weight is sewn directly into the material, so you cannot change it. Thus, you have to pay attention when buying the wearable to make sure you will not end up using a vest that is too light or too heavy. On the bright side, as the weight is sewn into the vest, it is unlikely for it to shift and cause discomfort while you work out.
  • Removable weight: As the name indicates, you can remove weights with these vests in order to change the difficulty of your exercise routine. If you are a beginner in strength training or you plan on alternating cardio with strength workouts, it is best to go for a removable weight wearable as it allows versatility when it comes to the amount of weight you can add or deduct from it.
  • Male: There is not a big difference between male and female vests other than their design and their top weight. Male vests are designed to help more when performing muscle building and toning workouts as they generally feature heavier weights. Another design trait they boast is that they can be tightened more for the weights to be prevented from shifting.
  • Female: As opposed to male vests, female vests are lighter and generally, they come with fixed weights. Thus, you cannot add or subtract any weight from them. Most likely v-shaped and featuring a closer fitting at the waist, they are meant to be as comfortable as possible for the toning and weight loss exercises women usually perform.

A Quick Guide to Buying the Equipment

The benefits of wearing this type of equipment cannot be questioned but its quality certainly can because it depends on a range of factors. In order to find a good product, you must know what exactly to look for in one so a quick buying guide will come in handy even for the most experienced user.

Check the quality of the materials

A good quality vest must be made of a durable material that is tear resistant but also prevents sweat from getting inside it. As you strain your body, you will sweat a lot so you must use a weight vest made of a material which will keep moisture away so no bacteria will develop and reach your skin. A high-quality vest must be made of an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial fabric that will keep your skin clean and safe. The weights should also be made of a good material that will not rust like a coated metal or even neoprene.

Look for adjustable weights

For it to be efficient, it must allow you to adjust the amounts of weight you will be using. The fact that you will have the option of adding or removing weights means you will be able to include it in many of your workouts. It is also important to see how easily and fast the weights can be added or removed and that they won’t slip during your exercises. If you buy a model with a considerable adjustment, many family members will be able to use it so you will reduce your investment.

Analyze your needs

When deciding to buy the product, analyze your needs and your fitness level to make sure you will choose the vest. Although many models are adjustable, you need to determine a maximum and a minimum weight that will satisfy your needs. If it will be too light, it won’t challenge you in any way while a heavy vest could hurt you so it is essential to adequately estimate your abilities to carry a vest.

See how comfortable it is

Although workouts are far from being comfortable, the vest you buy needs to provide enough comfort so you will use it in perfect safety conditions. It should fit your body perfectly and should include straps that will help you customize the size of the equipment so it won’t feel too loose or too tight. As for the weights, these must be distributed evenly to ensure balance and comfort. If possible, try it on before buying it to make sure it will feel good while wearing it.

Accessories increase its quality

Although not essential, the accessories add to the convenience of the weight vest so you might want to keep your eyes opened for pockets for your phone, a sweat-resistant sleeve to fit underneath it or reflective stripes for night workouts. You could also choose a model that comes in many colors for added versatility.

Different Ways to Use the Vest

A vest can prove to be a very complex wearable as long as you make sure to use it as many different ways as possible. To find out what are some of the ingenious situations in which you can wear a weighted vest, read the rest of this section.

Enhance the quality and impact of body exercises

Body exercises tend to get tedious if you perform them for a long period of time. Usually, when this happens, the results are not as impressive as you would like them to be. But things can change if you simply wear a vest as the difficulty of the exercises greatly increases. All types of body exercises, including squats, push-ups, lunges, and even running on the treadmill will get harder to perform due to the addition of this wearable, and you will feel like your routine is more diversified when it actually is not.

Lift weights while wearing it

When you lift weights, you work out your arms more than any other part of your body. To make sure your muscles will grow in a harmonious way and that you won’t end up with a weird body shape, you should wear a weight vest. This way, you will work out your back muscles, abdominal muscles, and pectorals as well. Therefore, all major muscle groups will get an equal amount of attention despite the fact that you are actually simply lifting weights.

Ride your bike while wearing it

If you want to work out your muscles even when you are taking a joyful bike ride, you can put on the vest. The added weight will make you sweat more than usual, so you will surely lose those extra pounds you have been fighting with since last Christmas. Also, you will get to work out your body in a pleasant and fun manner, getting the chance to do it outdoors while breathing fresh, clean air.

Wear it while walking

To take things to a whole new level, you can even wear it when you walk, no matter if you are simply taking a 30-minute walk through the park to get some fresh air or you are walking to the grocery store for some last-minute shopping. This way, you will get to work out your muscles while tending to other plans, thus increasing your efficiency.

How to Minimize the Risk of Injuries

If you do not wear it correctly, you predispose yourself to a series of serious injuries. It easy to understand why it is crucial for you to take the right steps when wearing the equipment as a vest can add anywhere between 5 and 80 pounds of extra weight for you to carry.

The most common injury that might occur when wearing it is spinal compression. The intervertebral discs you have in your spinal column might be compressed if you wear it incorrectly, meaning the spaces between the vertebrae will be reduced, causing severe back pain and injuries to appear.

What you must do to avoid spinal compression related injuries is to avoid high-impact activities when wearing it, especially if you have added a generous amount of weight to it. The types of exercises you definitely have to avoid include running and jumping.

Another risk you take when wearing it is that you might alter your center of gravity. Normally, your weight is very close to or over the spine, meaning that little muscle tension is needed to keep you straight. On the other hand, if you are wearing a heavily loaded vest, the center of mass moves away from the normal base of support, thus placing an additional load on your muscles that stress them in the opposite side of the load.

To avoid this kind of issue, what you must do is to equally distribute weight on the front and back side of the equipment, this way ensuring you won’t stress your muscles and alter your center of gravity.

How to Clean the Vest

Given the material it is made of and the thick padding, your weighted vest cannot be cleaned just like a regular clothing item. If you want to make sure you will keep it in the best condition, you need to be aware of some maintenance tips that extend the lifespan of the equipment and prevent accidental damage.

  • First of all, you need to know how often you should clean it. You might be tempted to wash it after every use, especially if you use it on a daily basis, but this is not good for the fabric. Weekly washing is enough to repel bacteria and to protect it at the same time.
  • If you feel like your vest is not clean enough with its weekly wash, you can always use an antimicrobial spray to refreshen the fabrics and get rid of the bacteria and odors that result after each use. These sprays can be found in stores or you can make one yourself with water, baking soda, and a pinch of scented oil. Spray the vest and rub it with a damp cloth then let it dry until the next use.
  • Washing it also requires some attention and it is best to do it by hand, although some models can also be washed in the washing machine. Hand washing actually means spraying it with water and rubbing it in depth with a wet cloth. Add a little soap detergent and rub the dirt to come off. You do not have to remove the weights, just make sure you do not tear them.
  • If it can be washed in the washing machine, something that is specified by the manufacturer, you must also be very careful. It is best to remove the weights before inserting it in the washing machine to prevent any damage. Choose a delicate washing cycle and a low tumble, then hang it to dry. When the vest is dry, reinsert the weights and use it normally.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Should I start working out with the full amount of weight?
No, you should avoid straining yourself. Otherwise, you might injure your lower back due to the unbearable weight and pressure. Start off with only a few pounds and work your way up to the maximum weight limit of the weight vest.
?How do I proceed if my back starts to hurt?
If pain the region of your back appears, interrupt the workout session. Go see your physician to receive a full and thorough check and verify if everything is alright. Do not forget to ask your doctor if it is alright or not for you to continue practicing while wearing the heavy vest.
?Can I wear the vest when performing everyday tasks?
Yes, the vest won’t bother you when performing any type of task, so you can confidently wear it without worrying it might become an inconvenience. However, make sure you do not put too much strain on yourself.
?How long can I wear the vest during one day?
It is recommended to not exceed 8 hours of wearing the vest per day. If you do not follow this recommendation, you might end up hurting your back.
?Can I dry the vest in the drying machine?
If you wash the vest, you must air dry it. Avoid the dryer at all costs as it can cause the fabric to tear, thus rendering the wearable useless.


  1. Steven says:

    Hi. Is the CAP Barbell vest size adjustable? I weigh 200 pounds so I was wondering if it is going to feel tight on me.

    • Carl Anderson says:

      The CAP Barbell vest should feel just fine because it comes with a velcro strap that lets you adjust it to your body weight. You can use it while running, lifting weights or doing push-ups and it will stay in place.

  2. Bob says:

    Hello. I am looking for a weight vest with an adjustable weight so I can customize it as I increase my strength. Is the CAP Barbell up for the job?

    • Carl Anderson says:

      Hi, Bob. The CAP vest is definitely up for the job, being one of the most versatile vests. Its weight ranges from 40 to 150 pounds so you won’t have to worry about increasing your strength and endurance. This is a heavy-duty vest that will improve your workouts.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Which vest would you recommend for a woman to wear? I wouldn’t want one that men can wear too and feels very heavy.

    • Carl Anderson says:

      Hi, Vanessa. The best option for you would be the Titin Force that only weighs a maximum of 8 pounds once you insert all the gel packs. Plus, it is available in a wide range of colors and prints so it’s very stylish too.

  4. Phil says:

    Doesn’t the vest feel uncomfortable? I imagine you are sweating a lot and having that vest pressed tight on your body should feel gross.

    • Arthur says:

      From what I’ve read here, the vests are made of a sweat-resistant material that prevents sweat from building up underneath and is anti-microbial so it won’t develop any bacteria. Plus, you can adjust the size of the vest as you like so it won’t feel too tight on your skin. It’s all about finding the right size.

  5. Mark says:

    I am a 5ft.12″ man weighing over 240 pounds so I want a vest that will not feel tight or short while I run. I was thinking about the Perfect Fit model but I am not sure how well I can secure it. Is this vest easily adjustable?

    • Carl Anderson says:

      The Perfect Fit vest has a large elastic band that makes it very easy to adjust to any body type. This means the vest will not feel tight even if you secure it very well and it will allow you to move freely.

  6. Hugh says:

    Which is the difference between steel and sand weights? I saw that some vests have steel weights and others have iron sand weights and I was wondering if this influences the efficiency of the vest.

    • Carl Anderson says:

      If we are talking about the same weight, there is no difference, they all feel as heavy. But the difference is in how easily they mold to the shape of your body and how fast you can remove and add them. So, basically, the difference is in comfort whereas the sand weights are easily maneuverable.

  7. Cassandra says:

    Will wearing the Maxi Sport put any pressure on my back? I have some problems and I wouldn’t want to aggravate them.

    • Sean Donavan says:

      Normally, wearing the Maxi Sport model shouldn’t inconvenience you in any way or put pressure on your back. But you should still check with your doctor to see if it’s OK or not for you to wear it.

  8. Michael says:

    Since I have the Perfect Fitness vest, my workouts give faster results than ever. Thank you for opening my eyes with this helpful rank!

  9. Jeff says:

    The Tone Fitness seems like the perfect choice for me. I like to run when the sun falls and listen to my favorite music in the meanwhile. With this vest, I will surely see results faster and have a great time while wearing it as well.

  10. Eric says:

    If I have problems with my spinal region, should I wear the vest when exercising?

    • Sean Donavan says:

      We definitely recommend you check with your doctor if it is alright to wear this weight adding equipment or not, especially considering that it is placed on your back. Most likely, the answer will either be no or yes under the circumstance that you add a small amount of weight.